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I’m Helena, a “girl”  from a small town (maybe not that small) south of Lisbon, called Setúbal. I grew up between the mountains and the river. 

I remember falling in love with photography at an early age.  Me and my father spent endless hours viewing his slide collection in our living room and everything was so magical… At 18, I bought my first analog camera and started taking it everywhere I went. Needless to say I have tons of  printed photos and a few photo rolls still to develop. I’m sure I’m in for a treat once I develop them.

After a few years working in other areas, I decided to take a leap of faith and my dream came to life in 2017, when my brand was born. 

Photography is not a passion. It’s a love for life!

the photographer

I became a wedding photographer because I’m a romantic, passionate about love stories. I like the simplicity of the little things, the spontaneity of a glance, that perfect light. 

Having crossed paths with so many beautiful, touching stories throughout the years has made me realize I’m part of something greater than me. There’s something priceless and extraordinary about photographing unique moments.

That’s why I say “my story is your story”. 

about me

> capturing dreams <

Spontaneous, authentic, uncomplicated photography.

about me

my take on my work

I always say the best thing about being a wedding photographer is showing others what they don’t usually see.  I like to believe my photos are timeless. My goal is to tell visual stories in a genuine, romantic and poetic way.

I deliver real memories of real moments, in a genuine way, without interfering in the rhythm of what happens. 

personal projects

Alongside my professional life, I also have my own personal projects. After the pandemic, I started photographing food and theatre plays, which I’ve come to love dearly, as a way of  approaching creativity on a different level. 

In 2022, I created an advertising photography project with a fellow photographer .

(you can check those projects by clicking the bold letters)

Also, recently I’ve developed a keen interest on DYI projects and I’ve become addicted to it.

I started out by refinishing and restoring wood furniture, but textured art paintings and pottery have become dear hobbies. There’s something really therapeutic about producing something with your own hands.


I can help with some answers

> this is (also) me <


So it’s true! I rarely (if ever) go out of the house without my cell phone…

If I had to name one, GPS is probably my technological best friend.

I don’t eat meat. And I do enjoy fish of any kind!

I love to travel! In 2018 I went to Macao , but I’ve already visited, France, Belgium, England, Scotland and Italy. My goal is to travel whenever I have the chance. Where shall I go next?

I’m most inspired by the aesthetic of films like “Atonement”, “Call me be your name” or “Poor Things”

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