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I’m Helena Tomás and I’m a Portuguese wedding photographer
Photography is not a passion. It’s a love for life.

I’m happy photographing because I like to show others what they don’t usually see. My story is the story of the people who choose me to register their happiest days.

the photographer

I became a wedding photographer because I’m a romantic, passionate about love stories. I like the simplicity of the little things, the spontaneity of a glance, that perfect light.

I consider my style to be spontaneous and passionate. My goal is to tell the story of your wedding with glamour, romance and a bit of fun.

I deliver real memories of real moments, in a candid way, without interfering with the rhythm and dynamics of what happens.

about me

> capturing dreams <

My couples say my work is organic, beautiful and that every moment was captured with emotion.

All of them state they can easily identify my photos because of the warm tones and contrast in my edition process.

Some fun facts…

So it’s true! I rarely (if ever) go out of the house without my cell phone…

If I had to name one, GPS is probably my technological best friend.

I don’t eat meat. And I do enjoy fish of any kind!

I recently realized I’m addicted to DIY. I started working on some furniture projects, as a hobby, and can’t seem to stop.

Alongside  my personal projects, travel and theatre photography, last year I created an Advertising Photography project with a fellow photographer .

(check out both Instagram profiles by clicking the bold letters)

I love to travel! In 2018 I went to Macao and it was the experience of a lifetime.

I’m most inspired by romantic drama films like “Atonement” and “Call me be your name”.