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areias do seixo romantic elopement

Together as one

Romantic Elopement at Areias do Seixo

Together as one is the story of this romantic elopement at Areias do Seixo. 

Inspiration, resilience, sheer will power. These are some of the words I use to describe Tânia and Pedro’s determination in getting married on their set date. During the lockdown months, many couples decided to postpone their wedding due to the Covid pandemic, but still they decided to go ahead and get married on August 22nd. They weighed all the pros and cons, and although it meant not having their loved ones around, they chose to elope

Preparation and venue

As a result, the logistics involving this decision wasn’t easy: the head of the civil registry was reticent about doing the ceremony, there was a ton of problems regarding the wedding dress (which ended up not being the one she had chosen), but in the end, it all went well, because they were together.

Hotel Areias do Seixo was the chosen venue. Its organic, discrete buildings are embraced by natural surroundings. One could hear the soft roar of the waves on the nearby seashore and when taking a closer look, one could realize the property was full of secret places and with an energy of its own. 

The elopement day

Upon my arrival, I started walking towards the bungalow where they had spent the night. From a distance, I could see the wonderful tent and as I got closer, I fell in love with its every detail. It was so romantic, so organic. They immediately greeted me with their warm smiles and we took a little time to talk. 

From then on, everything happened exactly the way it should. There were no nervous guests, o phones ringing, no rushing around, no concerns… It was such a wonderful day, filled with love, connection, peace and joy. 

Together as one, they were a true inspiration. Thank you! 

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