// behind the lens

My name’s Helena, I’m from Setúbal, Portugal, and I’m a photographer.
Photography is not a passion. It’s a love for life.

I am what I see. And I’m happy photographing because I like to show others what they don’t usually see. An image in more than a momentary click sound, it’s intense and passionate. Making it timeless is a privilege.

Why wedding photography?

Because I’m a romantic, passionate about love stories, complicit gazes and words spoken in silence. The wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a couple, a day in which all emotions are real and almost palpable.

I consider my style to be spontaneous and passionate. My goal is to tell the story of that memorable day, with glamour, romance and a bit of fun.

> Capturing dreams <

If there’s a “mission” in what I do, it is capturing dreams and emotions. My story is the story of the people who choose me to register their happiest days.

Lena Lx Factory

Some fun facts…

So it’s true! I rarely (if ever) go out of the house without my cell phone…

If I had to name one, GPS is probably my technological best friend.

I guess it’s time I admit I’m a workaholic, but only because I can’t stop doing something until I’m finished.

15 years after listening to them for the first time, Pearl Jam is still my favourite band.

I’m most inspired by romantic drama films like “Atonement” and “Call me be your name”.