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BEST OF 2022

BEST OF 2022

The best wedding moments of 2022

A review of the best wedding moments of 2022!  It’s always hard to select photos for a Best Of compilation. It means I have to go through all my work and curate it. Well, for me that’s a terrible situation to be in, not only because I’m hard on myself, but mainly because I’m emotionally attached to all the images. 

During my hectic summer months we come across hundreds of people. I photograph for hours and spend countless others editing. It’s not an easy job taking care of dear memories, but who loves it wouldn’t trade it for the world. Photographing weddings has been the most part of my professional life for the past 6 years. I’ve seen many new faces, knew about many love stories… Having to choose photos to fit a 3 minute slideshow is ungrateful. Which story do I want to tell? What specific part of my work do I want to show?

That said,  this selection tries to sum up (just a litlle) bit of what happened in 2022. Some of the photos are fun, more serious or more intense, but all of them genuine.

The best of 2022 (and of any year)  is and will always be its people. The couples, their friends and family are indeed the main characters of these stories. 


Stay close!

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