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A stylish Casa dos Penedos wedding

“Queens and Kings” is the story of this Casa dos Penedos wedding, in Sintra.

June 10th. A warm day, even for Sintra, with its micro climate. Summer was on its way, but Sintra’s stunning mountain and landscapes are evergreen.

 Íris and Halley have been together for a long time. Their son is the light of their eyes and getting married was their dream. They had very strong ideas about what they wanted from the beginning. “You only get married once, so you might as well have everything you ever dreamt of”, she told me once.  It was indeed a classy wedding celebration at a extraordinary venue, with their loved ones and one of the most romantic decors I’ve ever seen… 

Both Íris and Halley got ready at the Penha Longa Resort. The Imperial Suite was the place chosen by her and it couldn’t have been more fitting, as she looked like a queen. Everything was stylish and sophisticated: the jewelry, the sumptuous wedding dress, the carefully chosen details, the marble bathroom and the fantastic view from the suite.

As guests started to arrive in the suite, Halley joined them, for a small get-together before heading to the venue. Íris wanted to surprise him at the altar. And she did, in a beautiful and emotional symbolic ceremony… 

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing love stories in countless breathtaking venues. But nothing quite prepared me for the sheer beauty and overwhelming elegance of Casa dos Penedos. Nestled in one of Sintra’s roads, this hidden gem exudes an air of timeless charm and sophistication that instantly captivated my senses.

From the outside, it looks like a regular house, but once you step inside the front door of this XX century palatial mansion, you enter a world of charm. I immediately knew that I was about to witness something truly magical. The imposing stone facade stood as a testament to the rich history and romance that permeated every inch of this enchanting place.

The moments of the wedding took place in different areas. The ceremony was held in the gardens, the cocktail next to the lake (with a magician entertaining everyone) and the dinner party in the Winter Garden, a greenhouse of sorts, completely covered with glass and ribbons of lights.

The decoration was flawlessly perfect, with a beautiful colour scheme in all the floral arrangements.

At night,  the cutting of the cake happened in the terrace overlooking The National Palace and the party went on…

In the end, Casa dos Penedos wasn’t just a venue – it was a sanctuary of love and beauty, a place where dreams were realized and memories were made. And as I packed up my camera and bid farewell to this enchanting love story, I knew that I would carry the magic of this day with me forever.

casa dos penedos wedding