In love with Lisbon

"They arrive in Lisbon at the end of the day..."

The streets of Lisbon were the backdrop. The Popular Saint’s Festival the occasion. Never before had I experienced photographing someone during this specific time of the year, but I accepted the challenge and so did Catarina and Gonçalo.

When me met, they had already chosen some of the places they would like to revisit. They know Lisbon. As we were shooting, I realized how much in love they are with each other, with the city, with the story of every building, every corner. We walked through crowded streets, visited belvederes leaning over the river, strolled up the hills until my legs hurt, laughed, talked and even drank “ginginha”. In a time when party and joy stirred the city, we were approached on more than one occasion by the bold and watched closely by the curious.

In the end, remained the images of a couple who shares a tender cumplicity. Stolen smiles and the joy in their eyes proves that there are matches made in heaven.

See you soon… on your wedding day!

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