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dar corpo ao manifesto

// dar o corpo ao manifesto

“Give the body to the manifest” [translation] is a conceptual photography project, a declaration of bodies, which assume themselves for what they are, in an “acceptance” that walks hand in hand with “permission”.

In this exercise, each of the participants striped themselves of clothes and self concepts. Still, for these ordinary people, the challenge went beyond nudity. The frank disclosure of its insecurities and weaknesses opened the door to a safe, shared and free place, where they allowed themselves to trust a look other than their own.

// creative context

During the 2020 three month confinement, and because it was impossible for me to photograph others, I felt impelled to photograph myself, from which resulted a series of self portraits (like the one on the calendar cover). Through my body, I expressed myself and, in doing so, I collided with my own vulnerabilities. From this confrontation came catharsis. Then, shared inspiration.

Thank you to all who participated and supported this project in all its phases. I’m lost for words!

> limited edition <

As this is a self-published work, both the calendars and notebooks are a limited edition.

dar o corpo ao manifesto
dar o corpo ao manifesto

// a calendar…

Do people still use calendars? Probably not,  because they can be visually uninteresting, plain or just because our cellphones are much more at hand.

Nonetheless, I decided to print this collection of images in the shape and form of a calendar, because of its size and with a dual use: a current month calendar that can become a decorative piece of art.

… and a collection of unique images

Yes, that’s right! All images can be easily framed (the ones on the picture are 30×40 frames). That way, you can have a conceptual photography / limited edition collection up on your wall.

Unlike massively produced photos, only a handful of people will have access to this work…

> more than just a calendar <

Whether you have empty walls or feel like changing your office or living room decoration, I think this is a beautiful way to do it.

// a notebook…

Unlike calendars, notebooks are something most people own. They’re small, fit in any bag or purse and can come in handy.

The notebook includes plain, blanc pages and 12 prints in between them. The pictures, however, are different than those on the calendar and smaller in size (A6).

… and crafted dedication

For me, the beauty of this small notebook resides not only in the images, but also in the dedication with which it was assembled. All notebooks were handmade by a local artist.

> handmade notebook <

The outside cover and all the pages inside were sewn by hand.


> pricing <

Calendars for sale at 15€ 

Notebooks for sale at 12€

(+ shipping fees)
* in case you want it sent by mail
* deliveries in the Setúbal area are free of charge

// how to order?

To order, send an email to, fill in the form below or call me at (+351) 914 227 525

* The payment must be done in advance. You can use Mbway or Bank Transfer.

* All calendars and notebooks will be delivered in November.

Interesting facts…


All participants are people like you and me; none of them are models.  

The photoshoots were done one at a time, in Teatro Estúdio Fontenova. 

All  photoshoots happened between June and October.

In the last photoshoot, I allowed myself to be photographed as well, so the project came full circle.