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A Herdade Moinho Novo wedding

“A Boho Dream” is the story of this Herdade Moinho Novo wedding.

Cláudia e Pedro have been together for a long time. Having met in high-school, it was only after becoming friends, that they fell in love with each other. They’re a very laid-back, young couple and carry their smile around wherever they go. They’ve been growing up together for almost half their life and their connection has got to be one of the most inspirational I’ve ever seen.

My story with them goes back a few years because, coincidentally, I also photographed Pedro’s brother’s wedding, back in 2017.  Whether by fate or will, our paths crossed again when they called me last year and said they wanted me to photograph their wedding.  

The idea of having a alternative wedding with a special symbolic ceremony was one of their first decisions. As they described in detail what they wanted the wedding to be like, it was impossible not to feel thrilled. Much inspired by bohemian vibes, warm tones and organic decor, alongside their fun guests and a loving couple, all the ingredients for a memorable wedding were there.

The perfect venue: Herdade Moinho Novo

We arrived at the venue ahead of schedule and were lucky enough to catch everyone hanging by the pool, before the preparations. As the hours passed, the ceremony area began to take shape. Gradually, chairs were scattered across the lawn, accompanied by floral decoration with pampas grass, rustic rugs and even a giant macramé was hung over a vintage desk, as an altar of sorts. The framing was dreamlike, with the lake stretching out.  Boho weddings are usually the perfect choice for couples who wish to have a romantic and intimate atmosphere, in harmony with nature. The colors are very creamy with earth tones and intertwine perfectly with the atmosphere.

Pedro must have been the most emotional groom I’ve ever photographed and Cláudia followed along. Never have I seen such emotional vows. As is typical in boho wedding ceremonies, after exchanging vows, a symbolic wedding ring ritual took place, with the closest members touching the wedding rings and charging them with happy thoughts.

The end of the day

After the ceremony, a samba live band lead the way towards the cocktail area, where everyone joyfully enjoyed themselves.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the idyllic wedding venue, Cláudia  made a stylish statement that left guests in awe. During the cocktail hour, amidst the buzz of laughter and clinking glasses, Claudia seamlessly transformed her wedding ensemble. With a quick change, she swapped the elegant, voluminous skirt of her gown for a chic and more relaxed look.

It was also during the cocktail hour that we went to the lake area for a couple’s photoshoot. As they posed for photographs, enveloped in each other’s arms, it was evident that the light was perfect, but so was their love.

The dining room was decorated with season flowers as well as fresh oranges and lemons and everyone could smell we could feel in the air.  Even though I could keep on describing how beautiful and inspirational this day was, I think I’ll let the photos tell you the whole story! 

THANK YOU again and again, for your magic!

herdade moinho novo wedding

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