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An Obidos Castle wedding

“A Tale in a Castle” is the story of this Obidos castle wedding.

When it comes to destination weddings and elopements, Portugal has become a top choice for couples looking for a picturesque, romantic, and unforgettable experience. One such magical destination is Obidos, a historic town tucked away inside castle walls. Today, let me take you on a journey through Brittany and Elisio’s intimate wedding in this charming, historic setting.

The Setting: Obidos, A Fairytale Town

Obidos is a Portuguese gem that has stolen the hearts of many with its cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses, and a sense of timelessness that exists in every corner. Encircled by medieval castle walls, the town’s historical charm makes it an ideal backdrop for a romantic and small wedding. For Brittany and Elisio, Obidos was the dream location for their special day. 

Planning from the US made it impossible for us to meet before the wedding, but during our meetings and exchanged emails, I really felt we were the perfect fit. They had made plans for a small wedding, with a very limited number of guests, and the idea of photographing such a private wedding really captivated me. 

Preparation in Serenity: The Pousada Experience

For Brittany and Elisio, the day began in a peaceful and serene environment. They chose to prepare for their wedding in Obidos’ historic castle Pousada. These charming inns offer a unique blend of traditional Portuguese hospitality and modern comfort. Their room provided a tranquil atmosphere where they took the time to write their vows before getting dressed and ready for the ceremony.  

The Pousada in Obidos provides not only accommodation; it is an extension of the town’s rich history. With ancient architecture, elegant furnishings, and attentive service, they are the perfect setting to start the wedding day. It’s in these moments, as they prepared for their ceremony, that the couple could truly soak in the beauty and serenity that Obidos offers, with stunning landscapes from the window.

The Ceremony: A View to Remember

Imagine exchanging vows overlooking a postcard-perfect town. That’s precisely what Brittany and Elisio experienced as they stood outside the castle walls. Their ceremony was an intimate affair, surrounded by the history and charm of Obidos, with their sisters responsible for saying a few words and  celebrating the union.

The stunning views of the town created a magical atmosphere, and the diffuse light from the cloudy sky overhead made the whole scene very intimate and almost dramatic. The castle walls provided a sense of seclusion, allowing the couple to savor their moment without distraction. This was a wedding ceremony straight out of a romantic movie.

Exploring the Streets: A Serenade Surprise

After the ceremony, Brittany and Elisio decided to take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Obidos. It was during this post-ceremony wander that they stumbled upon a beautiful surprise. In one of the shops, a talented violin player serenaded the newlyweds. The sweet, soulful melodies of the violin resonated with the couple’s emotions and created a truly unforgettable moment, with plenty of tourists stopping by to see what was happening.

Obidos is known for its serendipitous surprises, and this was one of those unexpected, magical experiences that make eloping in Portugal truly special. The streets of Obidos have a way of embracing you, taking you on an adventure that you couldn’t have scripted better. 

Right after their return, the couple and their family attended the cocktail, which happened in the Pousada’s courtyard, surrounded by majestic walls and lush greenery.

Why Obidos for Your Wedding?

Brittany and Elisio’s Obidos castle wedding  is a testament to why this town is a top choice for couples looking to tie the knot in Portugal. Obidos isn’t just a backdrop; it becomes an integral part of your love story. Definitely, a memorable place to get married in. 

If you’re considering an elopement or intimate wedding, Obidos offers an array of stunning settings – from the castle walls with panoramic views to the enchanting streets where surprises wait at every turn. 

Eloping in Portugal means immersing yourself in a world of rich culture, history, and beauty. It means experiencing love in a way that only a place like Obidos can offer. Brittany and Elisio’s wedding is just one example of the countless love stories that have been written in the cobblestone streets and ancient walls of this historic town.

In Conclusion

This Obidos castle wedding is a story of love, beauty, and the magic of this enchanting town. The castle walls, the surprise serenade, the serene preparations in a historic Pousada – it all came together to create a day they will never forget.

 If you’re considering a destination wedding, Obidos should be at the top of your list. Its historic and perfect atmoshpehere make it the perfect place to start your journey as a married couple. So, why not write a new chapter of  your love story with an Obidos castle wedding?

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