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A wedding at Palacio Correio Mor

“Love multiplied” is the story of this Palacio Correio Mor wedding, en elegant wedding at one of the most stunning venues in Lisbon.


A summer day was chosen for this absolutely dashing wedding. Carla, Ricardo and their two boys are some of the sweetest people I’ve come across in my years as a photographer. I had already photographed their family before and,  when  she finally said “yes”, they talked to me. I couldn’t be happier!


Palacio Correio Mor has got be one of the most romantic venues I’ve ever set foot on. One can feel and breathe history in every corner. From the majestic rooms with Portuguese tile and high ceilings, to the splendid  french gardens outside, the whole venue is magical and not being impressed is almost impossible.


For their wedding day, Carla and Ricardo wanted the experience of a lifetime. Also, they wanted to make sure their two sons would enjoy it fully. It’s not everyday that your children get to see you get married, right? 


The dining area was sumptuously decorated with floral arrangements on the tables and above them. The whole space exuded style and attention to the detail. The table markers were special dates of their life together, a journey of almost twenty years, with the description of the symbolism of the date below. After sunset, the lights of the tent lit up and it looked like a fairytale ballroom, with an amazing view to the palace


Before the party, the cutting of the cake took place outside in the gardens accompanied by magnificent fireworks, for everyone’s wonder. This was such a perfect day! Being part fo days like these, being cherished like a family member, is what makes being a wedding photographer a wonderful thing!

casamento palacio correio mor

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