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sessão namoro em paris

Lovers in Paris

Romantic Paris engagement shoot

The idea

It was right there, in the middle of a meeting, that the idea to do a Paris engagement shoot came up. Why not? “Whooo-hooo”, we all thought. “Is this really happening?”. After all, Paris is meaningful to them and, to me, it would be a comeback, in a whole different context.

While the Winter months  went by, our anxiety grew. Finally, on the last Winter weekend, we met in the city of love, for that which would be a unique experience…

The photoshoot day 

We knew before hand we needed to escape the crowds who visit the city’s monuments. In that city where the horizon is full of iconic silhouettes, the Eiffel Tower undoutedly stands out. Therefore, on that March Saturday, at 6 am we were coming out of the Trocadero subway station. The chilly wind made our cheeks cold, but we arrived at the Trocadero Square with joy, as it was practically empty.  The other people there were, just like us, photographers and models, trying to make the most of those hours of silence and isolation. 

As the hours progressed, dark clouds began forming in the sky. The rain was inevitable, we later witnessed. Determined in moving along the route we had established, we walked (for as long as it was possible, because the cold temperatures were almost unbearable) and we ended our engagement shoot on the streets of the “14ème”, while looking for a croissant to eat…

Apart from the images and the  memories and moments well spent, I specially cherish the way Ricardo said “Ana Rita”, our endless runs in the rain and the happy ending of that day in a Portuguese store, where the warmth and jolly chit chat reminded us of Portugal. 

For me, this was a dream come true. Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. After all, “Paris is always a good idea”. 

Thank you!


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