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An intimate photoshoot at home

A photoshoot doesn’t get any more intense than this. “Silent Love Letter ” is the love story of this photoshoot at home.

In a world often bound by conventions, embracing alternative choices can be liberating. Considering the audacity of hosting an intimate photoshoot at home is definitely an act reserved for the daring and unconventional. Beyond the ordinary walls of studios or busy streets, homes become canvases where vulnerability meets creativity. 

Andressa and João are a passionate and perfect couple. They complement each other wonderfully. She is communicative, laid back and fun. He is polite, a bit shy and very observant. Together, they share a unique chemistry. 

I was their wedding photographer. At some point before the wedding, when we started talking about the engagement shoot Andressa immediately came up with the idea of having a photoshoot at home. She wanted to have memories of their sanctuary and their dynamics in a more private place. Obviously, I was delighted with the idea. Couples interested in doing a more intimate photoshoot isn’t something you come across everyday. It’s usually something for those with a bold and alternative mind.

This kind of photoshoot is the reflexion of the couple’s singularities and it’s usually beautiful. Nonetheless, it can be daunting to be invited to a couple’s house. Among other things, that means stepping into their comfort zone, the place where they share their true selves.

How was it? 

When I fist arrived, I was  immediately greeted with Andressa’s warm smile. The main concern for a photographer doing an in-home photoshoot is always the light. Yet, the living room had beautiful light coming in from the windows and the decoration was perfect for what I had in mind. While Andressa opened a bottle of wine, their lovely dog Julie came to me, curious about this stranger in the house.  Soon after, João joined in too. 

Natural and in love

In the warmth of a home, where walls echo memories and whispers of intimacy linger, lies the perfect backdrop for an intimate photoshoot.

I think both of them were anxious and somewhat nervous about the photoshoot. Nonetheless, the resulting images show they let go of the fact that I was there, and allowed themselves to be exactly how they are: natural and in love. Along their conversation moments, candid and spontaneous love gestures happened between them and  my camera was ready to capture all that. 

This photoshoot was not just about capturing moments; it was about crafting a narrative of love, trust, and shared moments of joy. In these stolen moments, authenticity reigns supreme, painting a portrait of intimacy that transcends the ordinary. It was intimate and it was also memorable. 


photoshoot at home

THinking about doing a photoshoot like this