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A dream come true

Stylish wedding at Quinta do Hespanhol

“A dream come true” is the story of Joana and Guilhere and their rustic, elegant wedding at Quinta do Hespanhol.

So much could be said of this day. I could tell you that it’s something Joana had thought of for so much time, that her heart nearly burst when it finally happened. It was a day in which emotions walked hand in hand with tears and that it all fell into place when she put on her dress. 

She thought of everything and planned the whole wedding with the dedication and accuracy of an artist. The venue was chosen right away (from the start, she knew she wanted to get married in Quinta do Hespanhol) and she even talked to me about my wedding services two years before the actual wedding happened. As months went go by, she’d call to let me know of all the decisions she had made, because her enthusiasm was too big to handle alone. More often than not, we’d talk about vendors and about her expectations for the big day.  She would finally be a bride, marry the father of her son and her heart’s desire was for everything to be perfect.


Therefore, as you can see, this could’ve been about their love, but it was about so much more. It was about all the people in their life, who they shared their happiness with. But most of all, this was just one more milestone in their relationship and they gave their little son, Duarte, sweet memories to hold dear. After all, not every child gets to witness their parents’ wedding… 


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