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A Quinta Nova wedding

“September Sunshine” is the story of this Quinta Nova wedding, a sophisticated and elegant wedding venue with a rustic touch. 

Summer was gently saying goodbye, but in this last weekend of September, the sun still shone hot and bright. It was a beautiful day to get married! 

Marta and Pedro’s preparations were quite different. Pedro got ready at a hotel, with his closest family and friends (groomsmen), surrounded by excitement and people hecticly moving around. It didn’t take long for us to decide to have all the photos taken on the terrace adjacent to the room, because the view was absolutely gorgeous and because we wanted all of them to be as natural as possible.

On the other hand, Marta got ready in her family home, with her parents, sisters and friends (also bridesmaids). The atmosphere around her was very soothing and happy. Her father was exhilarated with joy, as his oldest daughter was getting married, and he kept saying wonderful things about his son-in-law and how perfect he was for his “little girl”.

Despite the typical nervousness, both Marta and Pedro were very calm and relaxed. Everything was taken care of and the day they had carefully planned was finally going to happen.

It wasn’t until the end of the ceremony that we realized two hundred people were waiting for them outside the church, eager to cheer the newlyweds. And the celebration in the churchyard was just the prelude to a tremendously exciting and joyful wedding party.

Surrounded by nature, with its yellow buildings as the focal points, Quinta Nova presents itself as a charming and intentionally elegant wedding venue. 

The couple arrived in a green vintage family car and were welcomed by everyone with enthusiastic applause. On the background, lovely music was played, as the day turned into night.

During the whole cocktail, on the outdoor patio, there were people laughing, dancing, cheering. Inside the dining hall, the decoration was very organic and romantic. Although this was my first time in Quinta Nova, I was already familiar with the decoration at Quinta do Hespanhol (another wedding venue owned by the same family) and was delighted to see how wonderful everything was.  

There were plenty of memorable moments from then on: family and friends gave speeches and sang, Marta said a few words after the cutting of the cake (which brought everyone to tears) and danced with her father before everyone invaded the dance floor. I can’t remember seeing so many people dancing at a wedding, because EVERYONE was dancing. It was an unforgettable day, and a perfect one! 


quinta nova wedding