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solar de pancas autumn wedding

Shades of happiness

All the colours combined in this Solar de Pancas wedding

“Shades of happiness” is the story of Marta and Pedro, a Solar de Pancas autumn wedding.

For those who don’t know, Solar de Pancas is a historical building whose construction dates back to the XV century. It used to be a manor houser and has recently been converted into an elegant wedding venue. 

It’s the place where this laidback, easy going couple decided to hold their wedding reception and party.

In this October wedding, vibrant autumn colours were everywhere, for example, on the  building (where ivy climbed the walls), on the well-preserved gardens and even on Marta’s bouquet. Also, the feelings were intense. They could be seen in people’s eyes, felt in people’s embraces, and you could see people smiling in every corner.  

Apart from that, there were some details that I found really interesting: Marta knew from the start she wanted a long-sleeved dress, she arrived at church (and then at the venue) on a vintage car, they distributed beer bottles to the guests after the ceremony and there was a flash mob before the first dance.

If there are days when the stars align, this was one of them!

Be forever happy! 

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