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BEST OF 2022

best of 2022

BEST OF 2022 BEST OF 2022 The best wedding moments of 2022 A review of the best wedding moments of 2022!  It’s always hard to select photos for a Best Of compilation. It means I have to go through all my work and curate it. Well, for me that’s a terrible situation to be in, not […]


casa dos penedos wedding

ÍRIS & HALLEY QUEENS AND KINGS A stylish Casa dos Penedos wedding “Queens and Kings” is the story of this Casa dos Penedos wedding, in Sintra. June 10th. A warm day, even for Sintra, with its micro climate. Summer was on its way, but Sintra’s stunning mountain and landscapes are evergreen.  Íris and Halley have been together for […]

BEST OF 2021

best of 2021

Best 0f 2021 A compilation of the best wedding moments of 2021 A compilation of the best wedding moments is always somewhat ungrateful! Not only did I get attached to the photos I spent so many hours editing, but I’m also unable of disregarding the stories of the people behind them. Having to choose was […]