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The world is ours...

Tróia beach engagement

“The world is ours” is the engagement story of Ana and David. 

Tróia beach… that paradise where the golden sun warms us and invites us to stay. It’s so close to our hometown we almost forget it’s there. Going there gives us that feeling of magical isolation. And to have white sand dunes stretching out before our eyes is definitely a privilege. We decided to go at the last minute and it was the best choice we could’ve made. 

If I had to describe Ana and David’s photoshoot with one word, it would be “intimate”. The moments of silence shared between them were so sweet, so tender. During the time I was photographing, I really felt that, for them, I wasn’t even there. Lost in gazes and cuddles, the discomfort in front of the camera disappeared and gave way to what they are: each other’s world. Beautiful love! 

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