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Have the wedding album to match your story!

After months spent organizing the wedding, once the adrenaline of the day settles down, the photos are what the couples most expect receiving. 

Digital photos include the photographic reportage of the whole day, but will you go through all of them as time passes by? 

Most couples receive the wedding photos and never get to connect the USB pen drive to the computer again. That’s why having a wedding album becomes fundamental. 

If you’re looking for a way to preserve your memories, the wedding album is your best option.

wedding album


It really depends on how much you treasure tangible memories. Your wedding photo album will hold some of the most important moments of that day, usually your preferred photos…

A high quality, professionally done wedding album might be an investment, but in the end,  the price of having your memories at hand is incalculable.

The album in itself is an art and decorative piece, which you can have on display in your living room and show your guests at any time. Furthermore, once you celebrate your wedding anniversary, the album might be the object you go to in order to remember that day.

Produced by a company with more than 40 years experience, they deliver the best quality and I couldn’t be more pleased with our professional relationship over the years.

The wedding albums I deliver my clients are completely personalized. They’re square (30cm x 30cm), which makes them panoramic when opened.  They also have hard covers and the weight of the sheets is large, precisely to be a resistant piece. 

wedding album
wedding album
wedding album

> An album to stand the test of time <

The experience of going through the wedding album with your friends, family, children and future grandchildren is priceless.  


The album comes with a case, with a wooden rim.

The coating of both the album and case is always linen, which I think is modern, organic and timeless.

You can choose from 25 available colours.

You also get to choose the stamping colour.

The album includes 48 pages, but you can add as many as you’d like, in order to make the perfect album.

In case you want to gift your family with the album of your wedding day, replica album options are also available.