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what to wear on your engagement shoot?

What to wear?

A guide to your engagement shoot

What to wear on your engagement shoot? 

There are two types of engagement shoots: the engagement photoshoots before the wedding (the one couple’s decide to have with their chosen photographer for the wedding) and the engagement photoshoots of couples who wish to have professional photos and memories of their relationship.

Either way, engagement photoshoots are the perfect excuse to go through a different experience. They usually help both the couple and the photographer establish a deeper bond with each other.

I always tell my couples that this kind of  photoshoot is something that won’t happen again; not in the same way, at least. On the wedding day, we’ll all be surrounded by people and the atmosphere around everyone will be quite hectic.

Therefore, on the engagement shoot day, it’s important that you’ll be as relaxed as possible and let your love do the rest!

And more often than not, couples ask me what they should wear. Ultimately, it’s up to you, as your clothes are a reflexion of who you are. Whether your style is relaxed, casual, edgy or classy, and despite any indications I might give you, here’s a guide that contemplates some of the possible options out there.

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, the “what to wear” monster will have disappeared.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!  

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1. Patterns

Patterns are usually something all photographers run away from, mostly because they can be strong or unflattering. Your choice of patterns must be done according to your personal taste, of course, but bear in mind that it also must be in tune with your chosen location. 

Girls usually like light flowy dresses with flowers. If that’s something you’d like to wear, my only suggestion is that your fiancé chooses a solid color outfit that is complementary to yours.

2. Dark moody tones

If you like to wear dark colors or moody patterns, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. I actually love them as they’re edgy and bold. And in the right location, they work beautifully. 

3. Black on black

What to say about black? Black is the color most people feel comfortable with, but hesitate to wear on a photoshoot. As you can see from the examples below, black is favored by harsh and soft light and definitely adds that extra dose of irreverence.

4. Pure White

Now that we got the tricky (and unusual) ones out of the way, let’s talk about white. White matches everything. So, if white is your color of choice, go ahead. You shouldn’t have any problems with the surroundings.

5. Matching colours

Matching colors make things so much easier. They fit in almost like pieces of a puzzle, whether you decide to do your photoshoot in the countryside, castle or city streets…

6. Best friends

Before you even ask… Yes!! Your four-legged friend can be part of the engagement shoot. Some couples have pets and it makes perfect sense that they join in. They’re part of your family, part of your daily routine and it’s great to have them running and jumping around. 

* that way you’ll also contribute to the photographer’s health, as I am terribly lazy when it comes to exercising. 😝

7. Accessories

Hats, scarfs, jewlry, you name it… You can choose any accessory you’d like, but the one you can’t forget is the engagement ring. Make sure to bring it with you! 

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